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Aug 30, 2009 1:00pm EDT
wound up losing to cleveland 5-3. it's sunday, another edition of the dugout. the number one pick from last year. visit with the orioles catcher and brian, starts today as the orioles conclude a four-game series against the indians. the os extra pregame coming up next on masn.   from the land of downtown baltimore, welcome to an afternoon of orioles baseball. the orioles at cleveland indians, game 4 of the series and able to take 2 of 3 by scores of 5-4, 5-3, the orioles beat cleveland friday night. the extra team brought to you by at&t, your world delivered. brian support to the mound. he's 2-2, earned round average of 6.46 and acquired for boston in the victor martinez trade. masters with an earned run average of 4.7. tom davis with rick dempsey and a beautiful bright sunshiny afternoon in baltimore. the orioles try to go for the 4- game series with the cleveland indians. watching the game a bit. chris pitching and chad mullen took it, taking his hand and going like this and out there on the mound. very -- demon straightive in his effort to try to throw the ba
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 10:00pm EDT
, a place like the mayo clinic -- i know you towards the cleveland clinic, and the mayo clinic is a world-class institution -- i know you toward -- toured the cleveland clinic. in our state employee plan and others, we are saying to the consumers, "you can go anywhere you want, but if you choose to go somewhere very expensive with bad results, you are going to pay more." guess where they go? they go to places that have better results and are more efficient, and there have been 0% premium increases. greta what about the health-care plans? >> massachusetts has made good progress in expanding access, but what they did not do is control costs, so now you see that program when the above, so they let go of cost control in favor of access, and now they have a problem. greta: you areç not running for reelection, and you do not answer the question about running for president, so let me go through the back door the and what are the pros and cons in terms of running for president? -- the back door. what are the pros and cons? >> i do not think like that. my wife wants me to take the dog out. we do
Aug 13, 2009 6:38pm EDT
to cleveland for workouts with the browns, his fourth team of his seven-year career. it was a friday, and the 28-year-old stallworth was going to party with friends, among them teammate and fellow wide receiver braylon edwards, at the fontainebleau hotel in miami beach. >> we grabbed some dinner and had two margaritas with a couple guys and decided to go home after two hours. >> when you left the fontainebleau, were you intoxicated when you left? >> no, no. >> while stallworth was heading home, mario reyes, one week shy of his 60th birthday, was working as a crane operator at the port of miami. >> mario reyes was a hard-working individual. he lived for his daughter. he lived for his family. excellent father, just hard-working, blue-collar guy. >> after 1:00, shown here in the building's surveillance video, stallworth got a text message from a friend and went back to the fontainebleau to rejoin edwards. >> braylon's liquor bill was around $3,000. yours was $616. how much had you actually had to drink? >> four shots. with a couple different groups of friends. >> four total, not four ea
Aug 30, 2009 4:00pm EDT
getting the split against the cleveland indians. let's return you to jim and buck. >> buck: thank you. we will head downstairs and visit with amber. >> reporter: what a game by brian matusz. he said in his last outing he didn't think he was being aggressive enough, not attacking hitters. did you see him be aggressive in this game? >> buck: yes. he was able to individual in enough all season to keep them off balance. he was outstanding for the first five innings and a little blip in the 6th inning and 7th. >> he was able to get the next batter out and move on. >> act exactly. he has strong will and was able to dote through the inning. >> reporter: you have seen what these team cans do when they turn the corner, come out and go deep into the game. >> these young stars are giving you a hint of what they can do. hopefully we will move forward and keep going. >> reporter: thanks a lot, brian matusz. jim? >> jim: game one of the three game series tomorrow night. coverage on masn begins at 6:30 with o's extra, and the game against the o's and yankees at 7:00. saying so long from orioles park. no
Aug 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
cleveland. a good fastball. then the yankees coming in for three. a day off and texas in for the weekend. obviously big games for texas. they continue to try a spot. run down the angels. nick markakis 2 for 3. a single aáeld double and r.b.i. tomorrow is the fourth game of the set against the indians. masterson. 1:3 a 5 first pitch. 1-1 to markakis. shortstop. and cabrera. he has it. and retires the side in order. 8 complete here. indians need by 2. i'm here on this tiny little plane, and guess what. .. i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. anything before takeoff mr. kurtis? prime rib, medium rare. i'm bill kurtis, and i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)p, >> buck: and the pinch hit single into center. >> gary:
Aug 13, 2009 7:00pm EDT
of alabama and play in the orange bowl and the sugar bowl, and then to come in to cleveland, to have your position changed, to have three shots at going to the super bowl and get to the hall of fame. what everybody throughout your whole walk of life can be right there with you to enjoy it all, it's a very, very special thing. and the lead in to the hall of fame is, after your fifth year. i didn't even make the final 25 that first year. so the next year, you know, you make the final 15, and you sat there and on a saturday and you wait. and you don't get the call. and i remember going to the old facility that day and i knew i was going to be nervous. so michael was seven years old, so i went in to try to do some tape work but i knew i wasn't going to be able to do it. so i took michael to work with me, so michael could be a distraction. so he and i were sitting there together and i have it on and so they're starting to read the names. and just as they're reading the names michael goes, dad, i need to go to the bathroom and i go, i don't even hear my name get called. i turn around and look a
Aug 24, 2009 7:00pm EDT
head to high school or ion, and one mit grad now living in cleveland is getting to boston for at recent reunion was proof of just how we ll he is doing. lynn explains. >> earlier this summer, oliver stepped off from university circle on a journey to test his limits. >> the 50th reunion at mit was coming up and i kind of had to do something to prove myself that i wasn't getting that old. so i decided an 800-mile trip to cambridge, on the bicycle, would be the way to do it. >> reporter: that's right. 800 miles. five bike -- he biked from cleveland to boston. a feith for anyone, especially for a 72-year-old. by oliver, who bikes four days a week was up to the challenge. >> i targeted 50 miles a day, and more or less every fourth day a rest and recovery day. >> reporter: oliver left on may 13th. three weeks later, he cruised to the mit campus to the amazement of his classmates, who dubbed him the it thissest of the 50th. >> oh, it was a great feeling. it is hard to put in to words, but it is just a great feeling of satisfaction that i had done it. >> reporter: you are the man, dude. by the
Aug 12, 2009 9:00pm EDT
health, hope and healing." that comes out in october. we're looking forward to that. in cleveland, ohio, dr. miking roizen, he's the wellness officer and chairman at the wellness institute at the famed cleveland clinic. he's the author of "you staying young." and dr. james rowhak. he's a cardiologist himself. let me start with sanjay gupta. sanjay, viewers are confused. debate is rages across the country. what's the most important thing that we have understand about this debate right now? >> it's a good question. obviously, there's a lot of different issues here. let me try and boil it down to get back to the basics. autopsy since the beginning of this, you've heard the president talk about the health care and in the economy. and when asked how can he afford to this this with health care. his answer is, how can we not afford to this this. the reason that's important, his idea to cut costs to increase access is at the heart of all of this. what you're hearing out of the various bill, first of all, the president doesn't have a specific plan. the senate is currently debating one. it's only
Aug 12, 2009 6:00pm EDT
billings, montana; plus a talk with the head of the cleveland clinic, as we launch a conversation series about the health care reform debate; and an update on the situation in myanmar as nobel peace laureate ahng san soo chee goes back under house arrest; and a chat with david wessell of the "wall street journal" about his new book on the federal reserve. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> tiny little thing, it's just... not big. ah... okay, i found it. ( cheers and applause ) okay. >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. ♪ >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what is that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contribution
Aug 30, 2009 2:00pm EDT
. and jensen lewis just getting loose in the cleveland bullpen. he just did get up. last thing the manager want to do is get the bullpen up in the 3rd inning , but masterson already has thrown 56 pitches. a little late on that swing. 1-2. >> buck: when masterson gets that ball down, he is tough. whether it is a slider or a sinking fastball. but he has left a few pitches up in the zone this inning, pie with the home run, and scott with the base on one hit. >> jim: 1-2, wise. tight, 2-2. >> buck: masterson in his career is 10-10, 7-7 as a starter, 3-3 as a reliever. >> jim: 2-2 to wieters. and a perfect pitch. that ends the inning. but the orioles bat around and score four. two coming in on the home run ball, number 7 for felix pie. 4-0, birds.   >> reporter: back at the ya making the transition for playing 1st base, if you notice, every time luke is in the field, juan will be standing at the far end of the orioles dugout, constantly helping juan with the positions. luke meets with juan and go over reports to decide where they are going to position themselves for every b
Aug 30, 2009 3:00pm EDT
, trying to keep it a 4-run game. >> jim: orioles bouncing back after orioles got to cleveland at the top of the 1st and they give it right back. so pie showing a little respect to wedge. he is hot, comes up.   >> buck: a two run home run into the bullpen in left center. 7th of the season. came against masterson, part of a 4-run inning. >> jim: and pie has been hitting the ball hard. getting a chance to play a little more. taking advantage of it. run, swing and a line drive to left. has it for the out. and the inning ends. we will head to the 7th in camden yard. the orioles have the 5-1 lead! what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.  >> jim: 5-1 game. we go to the 7th. >> buck: matusz to work the 7th inning. he has not pitched 6 complete innings in his majo
FOX News
Aug 6, 2009 1:00am EDT
am in this chair anyway. we went to the cleveland clinic yesterday. they should be talking to doctors. they should be really hustling and learning stuff. >> they have seen the youtube videos. i guarantee you, they are going to hide. today's news, yesterday's news, all of this news going on right now is not helping barack obama, and i am telling you. the white house is going to say ," , pull the plug on these meetings, or make sure you have the right people therea' -- the white us is going to say, "pull the plug on these meetings or make sure you have the right people there." greta: i think they should be pounding the pavement,ç looking to see what works. we went to the cleveland clinic to see what works. do your homework. >> we know what reforms are out there necessary to make change. this is not what obama isç abo. he is not about reforming the system. it is about taking government control of the health-care system. that is what this is about. it is not about fixing the system. i will give you one great example. medicare. there is one part of medicare called medicare advantage of
Aug 28, 2009 8:00pm EDT
a welcome at the starting lineup for cleveland brought to you by southwest airlines. >> the scouting report for jason berken, he throws all four pitches. he used his two-seam fastball effectively the last time out against the white sox. he needs to work down in the zone. i don't think there is any mystery about his movement and the ability to get ground balls when he is down in the bottom of that strike zone that was a very good formula for him against the white sox. he threw very well into the sixth inning and had two double plays because of the single and his fastball. his 18th start of the season for berken, just three wins. all of the numbers are something he would like to improve upon here as he winds down his first major league season. he works hard all the time in between trying to refine his pitches and make sure his location is as sharp as it can be. >> gary: and let the defensive work behind him, which it has. >> buck: it sure has, gary. markakis, and adam dunn is still dealing with the back issue. mora and izturis have been great in the last week or sot. mat wieters is beh
Aug 28, 2009 7:00pm EDT
gaining.  >> it's the orioles on masn it is the cleveland indians and the orioles matching up a little rain coming down at camden yards, second game of the four-game set. two teams who are meeting for the first time this season hoping to get in this game, too. hi, everybody. the rain actually just started here at camden yards. there was little bit during the batting practice. both of the teams able to get in their pre-game work-outs before the tarp had to g out on the field, so we're waiting. hopefully the showers will go by. a heartbreaking loss to the orioles. marte with a home run in the ballgame last night. ninth inning would put it away for cleveland aone-run win. for only the third time this season, the orioles lost the ballgame where we had a lead go ing into the ninth. it was the fifth time this year that the cleveland indians pulled out a win where they have trailed go ing into the ninth inning. for cleveland, these are friendly confines. in fact, anywhere other than cleveland is is a friendly confine. you take a look at the numbers they have put up this season. for t
Aug 27, 2009 6:00am EDT
to the cleveland clinic because of their first rate surgeons and health care. but it's also one of the cheapest hospitals to run in the country. how do they do it? we pay a visit to the cleveland clinic coming up in a couple of minutes. ♪ i will try to fix you ♪ >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 44 minutes past the hour. health care reform. senator kennedy's cause up to the end. the make or break reform is still uncertain as ever. >> one puz until the debate, how to keep the costs of medical care down. earlier, i went to the cleveland clinic that provides top notch health care and they do it at a lower cost than most places. it's among the world's top hospitals, elite surgeons, cutting edge medicine and hailed as a model to doing health care on the cheap. >> they actually have some of the low estes costs for the best care. >> the forward-looking model has been around for 88 years. based on the simplest of conc t concepts. organize a hospital around the needs of the patient. the ceo of the cleveland clinic. >> we're integrated. the doctors and the hospitals are part of one o
Aug 3, 2009 4:30am EDT
in a row. most locations very warm. well, if you're watching channel 3 in cleveland, ohio, discover how human beings have adapted and continue to evolve at the cleveland museum of natural history exhibit, surviving the body of evidence. that's me on the right, dan on the left. that's your eastern event of the day. >> good job. thank you for that, bill. >>> now an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. hollywood may be the only place you can win but lose badly all at the same time. funny people was number one at the box office with a little more than $23 million. but funny people was the lowest earning number one film of the year, adam sand her's lowest in five years. it did not score well with the critics. add to that it cost $75 billion to make. it's being greeted as the winner that was the loser. the family comedy aliens in the attic opened fifth with a $7.8 million. they expected double-digit millions for this. remember katherine heigl's loud complaints about a 17-hour workday on her first day back of grey's anatomy. a website i'm obsessed reports what heigl forgot
Aug 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
-2, wigginton. and the count is 3-2. orioles down here by a score 4- 2. and find plays made by cleveland. and including the double plays. a strikeout recorded by smith. only three strikeouts in the game 1 each for the three for the indians. , this is tough. you can see where it pulls off. on the other part of the plate. >> gary: 2 down. chad moeller. single and a sacrifice. playing in a that will be inside a little off ta pitch it gets fouled. big game in the west coast. the giants and colorado playing a matchup two teams contending for the wild card. they giants have 59-0 lead. they're in the 8th inning. lost in that. rockies are in trouble 67891 ball two strikeout. they're still in the race but they would then have a 1 game lead over the giants. barry zi. it o has been throwing the -- zito has been throwing it well. >> buck: they had the spirit getting into it. >> gary: 45 days worth of outstanding baseball. coming back on the attack. they are another vise team. the giants are somewhat of a surprise. no question about it. they added the pitch. we didn't know how it would fare, they mad
Aug 24, 2009 6:30am EDT
reunion. and decided to bike to it. he journalied from cleveland to boston. he showed up at the reunion after three weeks. >> it's a great feeling. hard to put into words but it's a great feeling of satisfaction that i had done it. >> look how good he looks. would you like that way after biking 800 miles? his classmates were amazed and dubbed him the fittest of the 50th. >> m.i.t. graduate. ? smart and fit. >>> i invented the shuttle but listen, i biked from cleveland to boston, aha. >>> maryland family in disneyland while their community rallies together to build them a new home. we'll tell you about it. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at >>> thank goodness for commercialses. i'm getting all caught up. this is good stuff. >>> i'm jamie costello. reintroduce yourself. there i'm megan pringle -- carlin. it's monday, augus
Aug 31, 2009 6:00pm EDT
values, poor air quality are a few worries. l.a. , new york, cleveland and providence round out the top five. dc is number nine. >>> piederman meets cinderella. the walt disney company is taking over marvel comics meaning mickey, snow white will join spiderman, the hulk and x- men. disney ceo says it was a no brainer. >> we did it because we saw marvel as an attractive company not just from a story perspective but a talent perspective. a company that was well run and a company with a great strategic fit for disney. great creativity and content. >> one analyst says owning marvel will help disney appeal to young men. >>> only one preseason game for the skins left. final cuts are looming. we have a leg up on the competition. dave feldman heads to training camp. >>> and bloggers are hitting the protest because ikea changed the font in the latest catalog. the swedish furniture chain says it is surprised by the backlash. ikea die hards are demanding the old font back. one petition is gathering thousands of signatures ♪ [ music ] ♪] >>> greetings. albert haynesworth missed the second conse
Aug 27, 2009 11:00pm EDT
perdieron 5-4 ante los indios de cleveland. y por la liga de campeones de concacaf en estos momentos pumas le esta ganando a real espaÑa en san pedro sula y comunicaciones derroto 2-1 a west conection en trinidad & togo.... buenas noches. '''@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
Aug 4, 2009 7:17pm EDT
, those four other presidents to turn 48 in office, t.r., grant, cleveland. here is one of the government stats that gets our attention every year at this time. the new estimate for the total cost of raising a child in this country. for a child born in '08, the estimate is $291,570 for a middle-income family they say. that is up to age 18. so it doesn't include the cost of college. by comparison the cost of a child born in 1960 was all of $25,000 and change. >>> a great picture from space tonight. the mars rover opportunity has spotted something on mars and sent back a stunning photograph, what is believed to be a meteorite there in the foreground. two feet across. scientists have dubbed it block island because of its size. we thought it might also be because it looks look one of those beautiful rhode island beaches on the real block island. >>> charles gwathmey has died. during his life as an architect he helped to transform where americans live and work. his first project, a house for his parents on long island, in 1966, built for $35,000. it became hugely influential. he went on to bec
Aug 7, 2009 9:00am EDT
association of black journalists conference, lebron asked if he would be in cleveland after the 2010 season. his response? "i hope so." >> michael crabtree wasn't the first wide receiver taken in the draft. straight ahead, why he might be the first wide receiver taken in next year's draft. plus, while the a.l. central race is one of the tightest in baseball, find out why, on wednesday, the tigers were big fans of the angels. at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free". >> white sox looking for a three-game sweep of the >> white sox looking for a three-game sweep of the a.l. west-leading angels, top of the third, vlad the impaler at it again, impaling another baseball. vladimir guerr
Aug 17, 2009 10:00pm EDT
and hike and take our atv out. >> reporter: judy and lynn cleveland were kicking back that memorial sunday afternoon. taking the atv for a spin on the dirt road between their family's weekend cabin and the old ghost town. but -- all of a sudden here came two men in an suv flagging them down. they would turn out to be efren gallegos and nancy's new husband dan mason. >> he was very distraught at the time. >> dan was just saying that, "my wife has been hurt. she's fallen in the creek and we need to call 911." >> reporter: cell phones didn't work in the canyon so they led dan to their cabin so he could call 911 on the landline. with sheriff's deputies alerted, the couple grabbed some blankets and followed the men in the suv back to where the driver said his wife had been injured. there, creekside, they saw a woman -- nancy mason -- lying unconscious by the water's edge. lynn, who has some emergency medical training, checked for vital signs. >> there was nothing, no sign of any pulse. >> reporter: lynn raced up the hill to the general store in the ghost town of st. elmo to call 911 again and g
Aug 6, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. the others, barry bonds, and willie mays. >> twins and indians, in cleveland, blackburn entered, 4-0, in his career against the indians. trevor doubles, and that occurred with a tie-game. travis hafner scored, 2-1 tribe. same score, nobody out. wood in to close the deal and gets him, indians win it, final is 2-1, batted .375, in six games since his recall. >> detroit's win couple he would with losses, to twins, two-game lead, and four game edge over the twins. chicago will host cleveland. falcons white continues to hold out. he missed the first six days, of training-camp. he wants a deal similar to fitzgerald, who signed a four-year, $40-million deal. falcons are not willing to go that high. >> other nfl news and notes. douglas will miss the season with a knee injury. rex, was carted off the practice field after suffering a possible serious injury to his left knee. >> the titans plan to honor steve mcnair, by wearing a number 9 decal, on the helmet. it will be worn start with the opener against the bills. the titans went through the lead to get the decal approved. they'll wear a patch with 5
Aug 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
'd be in cleveland after 2010. his response, i hope so. we know he's looking forward to playing with the man he calls the godfather of the nba. saying: >> michael crabtree wasn't the first wide receiver taken in the draft. why he might be in next year's draft. >> why the al central race is the tightest in >> white sox looking for the three game sweep of the al west leading angels. top of the third, vlad does it again. impaling another baseball. vladimir guerrero's first home run since coming off the dl. his fifth of the year. in the fifth. bobby abreu. solo home run. 250 yaght of his career. bobby abreu joins barry bonds craig biggio and willie mayes as the only players with 250 home runs, 2,000 hits, 1,000 rbis, 1,000 walks and 300 stolen bases. pretty good company there. >> a.l. central leading tigers facing the orioles. hernandez on the mound for baltimore. bottom two here. brandon inge, sends it to left field. his 22nd of the year. he was 2 for 4 with two ribbies. bottom three. here's a 4-0 game. al aexavila down the right field it goes. that's his first major league hit. and this is his first m
Aug 3, 2009 10:00pm EDT
of the cleveland area. and few showers through the overnight. but it looks like we will see temperatures heating up. 80 right now in baltimore. dc at 77 degrees. and we will see temperatures knocking on the door in the 90s. low 90s, tomorrow. overnight, clear skies. morning commute 71. and clear skies. and afternoon, looking at a high of 85. around lunch time. but it will get into the lower 90s and there could be threat for more thunderstorms in the forecast. i will have a look at that coming up. >> thanks so much vytas. you could be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at, and use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> the u.s. house is already enjoying summer break. u.s. senate is about to adjourn. but the debate over health care will not. groups on both sides of the issue are about to bombard the air waves. conservatives are fasting democrats that support health reform. liberals are going after conservatives trying to stop it. >> and they penalize any american with a 2
Aug 10, 2009 2:00pm EDT
to eat better and exercise more. joining us is president and ceo of the cleveland clinic. good to have you with us again. i know this is an issue. you feel passionately about this at the cleveland clinic and put a lot of things into place. i want to go to the americans with disabilities act. it appears difficult for them to lose weight, giving bonuses for doing so. because of that act. >> it is possible to give people bonuses for reductions weight t and around their insurance and copays and that's what steve bird has done and one of the programs we are interested in looking at. >> that are goes to the insurance company. >> that's something that reduces your cost. >> is this something that we could roll out and have a standard for all employer-provide or individual health care? >> that is something that is possible to do right now and many companies are doing that and this is one of the things that is incenting people to lose weight because it reduces their copay on their insurance. if they get down 10%, then the next year they get that additional money back if they come down-another 10
Aug 23, 2009 6:30pm EDT
yards for the touchdown. cleveland, an easy win last night, 27-10. that is a look at sports. please stay with us. >> a beautiful day today. >> for the little bit that i was out. >> john? >> john? how are things going? good? how does the weather look? john? >> you want to take a lookç atç the radar? >> yes. >> and c? >> -- and see? it is drifting towards the aberdeen proving grounds and will this debate. 92 on tuesday and wednesday. low humidity. -- and will dissipate. a better chance for rain on the weekend. >> all right, thanks for joining us. >> this is a wbal to the editorial from president and general manager jordon wertlieb. >> animal abuse has grabbed headlines. in the most recent incident in baltimore county, police report three men participated in the appeared abuse of a cat which eventually ended in the killing of a beloved cat. the maximum penalty is a possible 90 days in jail and a fine of $1,000, and animal activists warn incidence of animal abuse may be a precursor to a future of violence. research shows that people who create acts of violence to animals do not necessaril
Aug 25, 2009 4:30am EDT
window. we're going to continue with really nice weather conditions from burlington, vermont to cleveland, ohio. everyone will be in the mid-80s. not too many 90s. i think it's a very enjoyable forecast. >>> dan, we're going to talk about the next interesting area in the tropics when i come back. >> as if the past couple of days haven't been interesting enough. >> a close call. >> financials get spanked while fannie and freddie skyrocket. >>> plus, with medical opinions like hers, well, let's just hope she doesn't take up brain surgery. >> mark sanchez makes his first start. ryan howard outmuscles the mets. one of basketball's young talents finds himself in rehab. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm dan kloeffler. here are some of your top headlines this tuesday morning. thunderstorms forced nasa to call off this early morning launch of the "discovery." the crew of seven was scheduled to head up to the international space station. unexpected storms scrubbed the lift-off. >>> north korea has invited envoys to visit the country for nuclear neg
Aug 5, 2009 6:00pm EDT
be the reason why. pittsburgh, 76. cleveland coming in at 74. that -- this hot air will eventually return to the area for the day. in the meantime, we're looking at this cold front. that is what is going to keep the clouds and showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for late tomorrow afternoon. once that moves on through, high-pressure will settle back into the area. skies already beginning to clear to the north and west. that is going to be the problem for tomorrow with the thunderstorms during the morning and afternoon hours. get ready, by saturday and sunday, crank up the heat. temperatures in the mid 90's. the heat index even warmer than that. here is the extended outlook. we have temperatures that are going to soar. saturday, sunday, monday had to the mountains or the beach. it will be hot, especially downtown. the heat index probably around 97-100. the hottest day we have had all year long. we have rebounded nicely. >> i like the invitation go to the beach. >>> people in kentucky are cleaning up after some flash flooding. torrential downpours dumped up to 6 inches of rain in just
Aug 13, 2009 7:38pm EDT
from a small school in cleveland, ohio, and he's just done a great job for the rams and now the redskins. >> gerry: flacco with a deep drop, has time. has it in the redskins territory, and he's pushed out of bounds inside the 20-yard line. le'ron landry with a touchdown saving tackle. >> stan: it was a check down play. you wait for that check down, everybody, all the other defenders are being run off in man, so he's stuck with ray rice man-to-man, all he can do is chase them. you can not let him inside. here's michael oher doing a good job. look how strong he is. he is still pushing down. >> gerry: ravens go to the ground game. rye rice has to kick his way through the crowd. he'll get to the 15-yard line. the ravens find themselves in the heinz red zone for the first time tonight. this is an area they all want to see improvement. >> stan: i like from michael oher already, i like the strength he had in his arms when they got extended. just knocking people to the ground. you like the athletic ability to cut, and they're also pulling hill on those tosses. >> gerry: we'll step a
Aug 23, 2009 7:30am EDT
of cleveland. as we first told you, ray was a man with a dream who wrote his passion and his mountain bike, as you'll see, to success. people said it wouldn't work. >> one friend said, just keep your money in the bank. >> they told him he was crazy. >> i became the subject of some jokes. >> they said no one would come to an indoor mountain bike park, but ray had a dream of starting his own business. and like kevin costner in "field of dreams" he knew in his heart that was enough. >> it is like a mountain bike miracle. like a field of dreams type of thing. >> there was no business plan, no business model, it was just behind stupidity, luck, passion. >> for the die-hard mountain biker, riding was an addiction. one that replaced the life of drinking, drugs and partying. >> i sobered up and started riding my bike. i've been riding ever since. >> but when the cold winter months hit cleveland, he had to endure a whole season off the bike. >> here in the northeast when you have rain, mud, for five, six months out of the year, i always thought it would be fun to do something on an indoor level. >>
Aug 12, 2009 7:25pm EDT
and obesity. >> woodruf the president came to see the cleveland clinic a few weeks ago. >> yes, he d. >> woouff: are you still talking toolks in the administration about wat they'redoing, what they're focusing on? >> haven'thad a lot of discussion. whave had some follow-u discussions with th and we hae had some follow-up discussis with members of congress to try and bring attention to those t iues that i'moncerned about >> woodruffand what do you mak dr. cosgrove, of the allies that are -- these protests tt are appearing -- cropping up at the towneetings that members ofongress are havinaround the country? >> wl, i think everybody is concerned about change, and i think with change bris anxiety. i think some of that u see coming out. i think have to change as a country, though, i don't think there is any questi about that and have to sensite so that people's -- people are cented to headn the right direction and it is a fair diursement of -- dispsement of medical care. >> odruff: at this point you are fegow about how this is going tourn out? >> as isaid, i ink we're going to see a b
Aug 17, 2009 6:00am EDT
'sville phased for moving the cleveland browns for baltimore. he did them a favor. because he was trying to get a new stadium in the cleveland and the city would not happen out. he moved the team. what happened? they got a new stadium. he could have taken the colors and team name and did everything he wanted to do. but he did them a favor. and he should be rised for what he did as an owner, not for move manage a team from city to city. >> he wasn't the first and won't be will last to move. >> that's correct. >> thanks for all the time you put in for raven fans on and off the field here in baltimore. nonetheless, you had impact not only on the field but the city. well done. >> i appreciate that. baltimore gave me four wonderful years and i enjoyed it tremendously we put a good team together in 2000 and got a super win. it's four years that i will not forget. i love the ravens fans. i'm indebted to mr. mo dell and steve for giving me those opportunities. >> you did more than your share of charity events while you were here. thank you for that. >> well done. let's talk madden here. do you believe
Aug 20, 2009 7:00pm EDT
, welded them up. >> reporter: once on the crew team together at cleveland state graduate tom kotula and senior john houseman converted an old sailboat, even adding a solar panel for power and set out on an adventure. >> we went on google earth and looked for waterway passages and found a natural route that actually brought americans west. >> reporter: a journey down the river henry hudson first traveled four had been years ago. >> that's just a coincidence, you know. >> reporter: you aren't history buffs? >> no. >> reporter: their mission-- from cleveland all the way to key west-- isn't historical, rather than humanitarian. building houses at 12 habitat for humanity sites along the way. >> i wanted to go somewhere to volunteer. people go to south america, africa. i kind of wanted to stay local. >> reporter: why? >> because a lot of it had to do with the economy. >> thank you so very much. >> reporter: in mamaroneck, new york, they helped rebuild a home destroyed in a flood. you've been living with friend for how long? >> two years now. >> reporter: wow. >> two years. >> reporter: th
Aug 3, 2009 4:55am EDT
most of the showers passing to the east. cleveland, ohio will get it tomorrow. south of columbus. but we're looking at maybe sprinkles around here in the afternoon and a better chance of showers starting to fire up by wednesday. big day friday night. we'll continue to watch lansing to see how that weather shapes up. why lansing? >> lansing? >> it's cleveland, ohio, not lansing. >> detroit. come on. >> needless to say -- 89 for today, our two-degree guarantee, mostly sunny skies. with an isolated thundershower. why would you even brag about detroit? i don't know. 65 overnight. a little patchy fog. tomorrow, maybe an isolated thundershower but not too bad on the humidity, just hot at 91. >>> traffic flowing nicely on southbound 83, from the pennsylvania state line through to about the beltway. it will be 22 minutes of drive time. a couple of overnight road closures for construction projects that will be wrapping up probably later this morning. 695, inner loop, northbound at frederick road, expect to see the two left lanes and left shoulder closed. fort mchenry tunnel, two lanes b
Aug 27, 2009 6:00am EDT
cleveland after a 4-5 road trip, not bad considering, really. guthrie was on, didn't walk a soul. and he won his ninth game. year. felix bounced back from an awful night. orioles/cleveland tofnt and yankees come in followed by texas. another note, steve johnson picked up the win last night in louie. >>> 6:09. a big recall to tell you about. involving millions of window blinds. the recall involves blinds sold by companies such as pottery barn, eye key -- ikea, target. the consumer product safety children says three children died after getting caught in cords that help the blinds move up and down. the deaths date back to 2006. the recall involves at least six companies. if you would like more information on these blinds go to our web site, we've posted it there for you. >>> texasbooks next for college. they cost even more than the classes they are needed for. >> some money-saving tips on how to avoid spending your life savings on paperbacks. >>> and budget cuts don't hit hard unless you meet the families they directly affect. how saving money for the state hurts those that live
Aug 22, 2009 11:00pm EDT
for the easy score. and the giant lose, ye. the bears all over them. 17-3. >>> to cleveland we go now. the first start for the lyons' first-round draft pick, quarterback matthew stafford in cleveland. taking on the brownies -- first pass, not a good one. that's why he's a rookie. matthew stafford, growing pains. 5-13, 35-yard. the browns easily dispeas -- dispose of the lyons. >>> once again, dave feldman all over the big story. the redskins beat the steelers 17-13. jason campbell not a strong outing. one of seven for 10 yards. clinton portis, five carries, 26-yard, chase daniel, of course, the two big touchdowns that you're seeing here. running to a second interception in as many games. hope hopefully cole will get it together. there might be competition at the number-three spot. many thanks to dave feldman at fedex. marco mitchell joined him live. rich dunn and travis ths
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
. everybody, less than an hour, orlando, nashville, cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, st. louis, all seeing some thunderstorm and morning fog could get us a slowdown a bit. atlanta and san francisco, 30 minutes to one-hour delays here. more on that in about a half hour. >> you got it. >>> a baby taken from the body of a slain pregnant woman is now the center of a custody battle. find out who is fighting over the infant and her 18-month old sister. )%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%% >>> former president bill clinton arrived in north korea this morn. he's hoping to win the release of two o american journalists being held there. laura ling and euna lee were sentenced to 12 years in prison after illegally crossing the board. the taliban says it's trying to show the government can't protect its capitol. >>> the city has been relatively violent-free compared to the rest of afghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibility and sayses that there will be more before this month ee elections there. >>> president obama celebrate add new g. ifrmt bill with hundreds of veterans in virginia yesterday. he calls it a moral
Aug 10, 2009 6:00am EDT
? rain moving through boston, cleveland, detroit, chicago, st. louis, probably going to get thunderstorms that will give you a delay of an hour or more. more thunderstorms developing later this afternoon, talking about atlanta, cincinnati and seattle with showers and storms but new york city metro philadelphia just a morning part of your day with poor visibility. otherwise hot up there. we'll talk about that, robin in 20 minutes. >> a plane made an emergency landing in the middle of a seaside wedding on saturday. the couple rode horses to the connecticut beach and about to board a boat for their reception. next thing you know a plane ditched right there offshore. the pilot said he hated to crash their party but had to land and fast. >> my engine stopped. i lost all pressure all of a sudden and there was a large bang and it wasn't going to go around any more. it was about 4,000 feet and i have about four, five minutes before i got to land somewhere. >> i was telling people, well, we said it wouldn't be boring. >> get this, the pilot was actually supposed to go to a wedding himself and deci
Aug 18, 2009 6:00am EDT
showers and thunderstorms this morning. we expect more to develop later on moving through cleveland back down through pittsburgh. cincinnati, you will see rainfall as you go throughout the day today. meanwhile, the northeast will deal with temperatures once again up to around 90, 91, 92 degrees but feel like temperatures into the middle 90s. a hot one across the northeast. >> a slow mover as i say on the streets. don't touch me. all right. thank you. >>> here's some of the stories we're watching for you. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we are expected to hear from the commerce department about home construction. we'll check out the numbers from july to see how the housing market is doing. and at 11:10 eastern, president obama welcomes egypt's president to the white house. they're expected to talk about options for peace in the middle east. >>> which would you choose sex or sleep? if you had to make a choice? if you're in the majority with what you say and then an nba player smokes weed on his internet reality show but he says it's okay for him to light up. wait until you hear his reason. ú >>> ou
Aug 6, 2009 5:00pm EDT
at the offside pitch. the indians win 2-1. the first career loss for blackburn against cleveland. the tribe takes 2 of 3 from minnesota. >> david hernandez on the mound for the orioles in the series finale against the tigers. the tigers trying to take 3 of 4. inge helping that out. 2 run off hernandez. a 4 run 2nd inning. bottom of the 3rd, avila making his major league debut. the son of tigers assistant general manager. that's his first hit. he has an rbi to boot. tigers win by 7-3. said the team president about avila's hit: wow! the young man went 2 for 4 with a double and that rbi. porcello just the 2nd pitcher in franchise history with double digits wins at the age of 20 or younger. >> the angels looking to avoid their first 3 game losing streak since june. facing the white sox. vladimir guerrero homered into left off the leftie denks. his first homer since returning from the dl. top of the 5th ainges leading 6-4. abreu homering to left off denks. his 250th career homer. 7-4 angels on their way to the 9-5 win. aybar also went deep for l.a. the angels starter gave up a 3 run loamer early but t
Aug 30, 2009 12:00pm EDT
dealer. >> time for our parting shots. >> lebron james is leaving a lover named cleveland but he still wants to remain friends. there is nothing official yet but he is saying cleveland will always be in his heart, et cetera. what does that mean? people of cleveland prepare for a truly miserable year. even on his great nights when lebron is 45 and the cavs beat up l.a. or boston people will be worried about what is going to happen. he will say i haven't made up my mind or i don't want to talk about it. that is all anyone will want to talk about. of course he could always sign an extension tomorrow but we know that isn't going to happen. nope, this will be a year of total torture even if the cavs win it all. that one young man has control of an entire city -- make that an entire state's mental health. >> my favorite player of the nfl preseason is backup punter for tennessee named a.j. trapasso because the first to kick a football a bounced off the jumbotron scoreboard in jerry jones's new stadium. this really ought to be one of those credit card commercials cost of jerry's stadium, 1.2 b
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